Ningi Dump To Open 7 Days

Ningi Dump to Open 7 days?, Kerbside clean-up reinstated, a Ningi Recycle Center
by Rick Williams · February 13, 2012
Rick Williams CARES – Ningi Dump currently closes every Wednesdays, for the benefit of Residents Rick will open the dump 7 days a week.

On Wednesdays residents are upset to discover that they have to drive 40kms round trip to the Caboolture dump, sadly this encourages illegal dumping and needs to be fixed the cost of opening the dump on Wednesdays is negligible and is an unwarranted cost to our community.

Rick will work to see a kerbside clean-up re-instated. This is benefical to our community as backyard rubbish is disposed of and doesn’t become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. This clean-up would be a very controlled process and done over 2 – 3 days so as not to spoil the appearence of our streets and homes.

Rick will work to establish a Re-cycle Center at the Ningi dump to be managed by our local charities with the profits going back into our community. This may stop the illegal dumping of items at charity complexes and provide much needed space for our charities.

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