Long Term Solution For Bongaree Caravan Park Residents

Long term solution for Bongaree Caravan Park Residents
by Rick Williams · February 13, 2012
Rick Williams Cares – Currently Bongaree caravan park residents, including many pensioners who can least afford the stress, financial burden and uncertainty of the Current Council’s failure to provide a long term lease, they are to be exiled in 2025 after having lived there for decades.

The council has deliberately established this long standing permanent occupancy relationship for the purposes of profit taking, it is a small part of this profit that DERM require for the lease of the land that it administers, sadly Council is violating the trust of these residents, by refusing to give up part of it’s $500,000 + profit per year that it makes from the tenants, and this arrangement has gone on for 30 years. This matter should have been resolved a long time ago and not just at election time.

AS Councillor Rick will fight to have Council give up part of it’s profit to secure Tenure for the residents, Rick believes the Council would lose a legal battle if it were silly enough to enter into one with the residents. He has recieved advice that this could be done without much increase (if at all) in rent to the Park Residents and tenure achieved as a fiduciary arrangement already exists.Long

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