Environment, Erosion, Preservation and Protection

Environment, Erosion, Preservation and Protection
by Rick Williams · February 13, 2012
Rick Williams CARES – He will work to find a lasting solution to Woorim’s waterfront erosion. This problem has existed for many years and the bandaid approach is wasting ratepayer dollars year after year without finding a REAL SOLUTION, this waste has to stop. If this erosian was happening at Redcliffe it would be fixed immediately.

By Council not applying approapriate funding to a lasting solution they run the risk of a catastrophy, if a cyclone were to come off our coast (which is highly likely these days), the repair cost to the erosian problem would present a massive extraordinary and preventable blowout on Councils budget.

Your Councillor has not ensured that Council applied Worlds best practice for these repairs and it will fail again and again and waste rate money until they do.


Rick intends playing a vital role in preservation of our natural heritage, we have many wonderful wetlands throughout the region that demand our closest scrutiny of the activities around or near them, Rick would encourage projects that highlite and educate locals and visitors about our fauna and flora, we truely, enjoy a unique area in which to live.

Let have a look at the fact that we have NO “Vegetation Management Policy” this deals with planting , cutting down and management of all trees. In Brisbane if you wish to remove a tree that measures 300mm across the base, then you are required to get permission to remove it. It’s larger than this but thats a start


Rick is Pro development, but is strong in the belief that all thing are good in moderation, due process dictates that all information should be gathered, all community concerns must be addressed, before making informed and sound decisions with the basis being the good and welbeing of all residents.

Rick will work to ensure that our waterfront war relics are maintained and preserved, his experience with them goes back to his youth, when as a member of the Army Cadet Corps he attended biv-o-waks on Bribie Island. Rick says that these war relics are an integral part of who we are as a people, and need to be preserved for future generations to ponder, hopefully they will realising that our freedom was established through the men and women that worked in these War time Relics and others like them.

Rick will stop Councils neglect of the community based foreshore sand dune protection and rehabilitation project, the Federal Government under an agreement gave our Council $50,000 on our behalf, this money was to install and maintain this system in 2007, the Council guaranteed to honor it’s agreement and has failed.

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