Better Amenities

Better Amenities
by Rick Williams · February 13, 2012
From Rick ,I will work to address the lack of car parking in several Streets and Roads areas that are Council controlled, we need action now and I believe we can act now in many cases. A plan presented recently by the Council to redevelope the “Bribie Island Recreation reserve” has some merit in many areas but sadly it has a 10 to 15 year implimentation time frame, this plan is similar to the master plan presented by the same Councillor 6 years ago, that never came to fruition. As councillor I know that we as a community can start parts of the plan in the next year and establish a very clear timetable for other parts within budgetry constrainst.

Rick will work to ensure that all our Playground and Skate parks have shade sails erected over them, to protect our children from future skin Cancer.

Rick will work to ensure that all park and path lighting is approapriate along Pumicestone Passage beach water fronts.

First Avenue from Bongaree to Woorim needs to have lighting for security purposes, this path that transverses our Island also need flood proofing, this is years overdue.

Rick will work to have repairs and maintenance carried out on our many boat ramps in Division 1

Sandstone point should have a full boardwalk, now. Approximately 5years ago the State Government made an offer to the Council, that the Government would supply the total cost of labour to build a boardwalk if the Council would supply the building materials, that would seem like a pretty good deal for the community, but sadly it was discarded by the Councillor.


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