About Rick Williams

About Rick Williams
Richard (Rick) Allan Williams is 55 years of age and lives at Banksia Beach.

Rick and Cheryl
Rick and Cheryl

He and His fiancé Cheryl have independently raised 6 young adults between them, they have life experience.

Rick and Cheryl work as a team and are successful business people , both have business credentials and experience.

They value their unique lifestyle in Division 1. Their families have lived here for nearly 20 years and they are here to stay.

Rick serves the local community as the Honary Treasurer of the Bribie-Moreton Hospice Health Services Inc. and helped raise $550,000 for our community in Federal funding and $20,000 in State Funding last year for the reconstruction of Boronia Cottage (Respite Center) at Bellara.

Rick supports several charities including World Vision, Qld Police Legacy Scheme, Rotary, Global Care to mention a few.

Rick is an accomplished yachtsman having sailed the Great Sandy Straight, the Whitsunday Islands and our own Moreton Bay.

Rick follows most sports but more particularly football.

Rick has, over many years, challenged the way that bureaucracies misuse their power, and has been vocal in that endevor.

He believes that representing Division 1 in the Moreton Bay Regional Council is a logical step in fighting such injustice at a grass roots level.